Event Information

Event Date

23 March 2021 (Tuesday) to 19 April 2021 (Monday)


Categories & Minimum Donation

Categories Minimum Donation*
- Aged 18 - 59 years
- Aged under 18 years / Aged 60 years or above    

$150 per person
$100 per person
Family (not more than 4 people per team) $300 per team
Corporate (not more than 4 people per team) $800 per team

* Official donation receipt will be issued by “Friends of Caritas” for the payment of minimum donation and will be sent out within 4 - 6 weeks after the event


Application Methods

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Online Enrollment Procedures
Procedures of Uploading Walking Record
Suggested Mobile Apps
How to Use Donation Page
Online Enrollment FAQ



For every eligible participant, we have prepared a series of souvenirs that are useful and beautifully designed. Enroll now and take them all home!

A) Souvenirs for the Walk

Upon successful enrollment and completion of the designated walking time, each participant will be given a “Time Kit” and an e-certificate.

B) Souvenirs for Achieving Fundraising Targets

When reaching a specific amount of donation (not include the minimum donation), each participant can have a mask holder and a towel as additional souvenirs.

C) Exclusive Discount/Souvenir for ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Holder

(The above pictures are for reference only)



Awards Number of Awardees
The Highest Walking Time Award Three entities for each category
The Outstanding Fundraiser Award Three entities for each category
The Most Active Participation Award Three entities for all categories


Event Rules and Regulations

  1. Participants aged under 18 should obtain parental or legal guardian consent. Children aged below 14 must join the event with either parents or guardians accompany.
  2. If the event is cancelled due to any circumstances or participants submit repeated application or withdraw for any reason, the minimum donation and all sponsor donations will not be refunded.
  3. Participants must ensure that they are physically fit to join the event.
  4. All walking records must be uploaded to the event platform during the designated event period, and will be forfeited afterwards.
  5. Participants must use smart watches or mobile devices/apps to record the walking time gained. Each walking record uploaded must clearly show the walking duration.
  6. The Organiser will check and verify all records uploaded by participants. The Organiser reserves the right to delete any ingenuine record and disqualify the participants from attaining any souvenirs or prizes.
  7. Participants’ personal data and walking records including names, walking hours and photos (if any) will be used for the preparation of the event.
  8. The Organiser is not required to compensate or be liable for any damage or loss when uploading or using such photos.
  9. Participation in the event is voluntary and at the own risk of participants. Each participant agrees to absolve the Organiser, and any sponsors and/or supporting organisations from all liabilities arising from bodily injuries, accidents, death or other losses during or caused by the event.
  10. In case of violation, breach or non‐observance of any terms and conditions of the event, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any person or terminate his/her participation in the event. The decision of the Organiser is final and irreversible.
  11. Tax deductible donation receipt will be issued by “Friends of Caritas” for the minimum donation/sponsor donations of HK$100 or above. For an official donation receipt, please provide your name on receipt and mailing address when filling in your personal information. All receipts will be sent out within four to six weeks after the event.
  12. The Organiser reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations without prior notice. The Organiser has the final decision on all matters concerning the event.


Terms and Conditions for Souvenirs

  1. After successfully enrollment, participants must achieve a specific number of walking time to be eligible for souvenir redemption.
  2. Each eligible participant can only redeem souvenirs for once.
  3. All souvenirs and prizes cannot be returned, replaced or exchanged for cash or any other products.
  4. The Organiser will notify eligible participants to pick up souvenirs in person at the designated time and place after the event. Souvenirs can be sent out by SF Express upon participants’ request. All freight and charges will be billed on a freight collect basis.
  5. Service users and staff of Caritas – Hong Kong can choose to collect souvenirs via their Caritas units. When filling in the enrollment form, participants must select or enter the correct unit name. Participants will be contacted by Caritas units for further arrangement after the event.
  6. The souvenirs for this event can only be picked up and delivered locally in Hong Kong. The e-Certificate will be sent to all eligible participants by email after the event.
  7. Participants who cannot collect or arrange courier service within the designated time will be deemed to have automatically waived their eligibility for redemption and will not be able to collect the souvenirs afterwards.
  8. The Organiser reserves the right to request participants to provide identity for inspection on collection of souvenirs and prizes. If you authorize a representative to collect on your behalf, he/she must present an authorization letter together with a photocopy of your HKID for redemption.
  9. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or change any souvenirs and alter the terms and conditions for the collection of souvenirs without prior notice. The Organiser has the final decision on all matters concerning the souvenirs.


Personal Information Collection Statement

Your personal data will be kept confidential. The Organiser shall use your personal data for the administration of this event. If you do not wish to receive news from the Organiser, you can send an opt-out to comoff@caritas.org.hk anytime.